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The Importance of Using The Right Pictures on CV and Resume

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and/or resume are required documents to apply for a job. From the way they are presented, HR Managers and Recruiters may get some glimpse of candidate’s personality and decide whether to continue the recruitment process or not.

CV and resume may include important information regarding personal and contact details, educational background, professional experience, etc. However, one of the most important thing in CV is your picture. Despite the “non-prejudicial” rules for HR policy, the picture attached represents how determined and motivated you are. 

Similar to other important information, picture that is used in CV and/or resume could show a glimpse of candidate’s personality to the HR Managers and Recruiters. Therefore, to give off a good impression to one’s CV, it is important to use a good picture. It especially applies to fresh graduate candidates who may not be able to compete to those who already have previous professional experiences.

Before deciding on which picture you want to put into your CV or Resume, you may want to ask below questions to yourself:


Do I look professional?

Is this picture showing the ‘real’ me?

What would the HR Managers and Recruiters think when they look at my CV Picture?


Do I look professional?

There are no companies who would like to hire unprofessional candidates. Therefore, you will need to put a picture that makes you look professional.


To make your picture looks professional, you may want to:

1. Wear a business jacket or suit.

2. Dye your hair to natural colour and wear natural make up.

3. For muslim candidates, use simple hijab.

4. Take your picture with a one-coloured-background.

5. Take your picture with a natural pose.


Recommended CV pictures should be clear, sharp and focus, showing your top of head to your upper-chest with your face close up and facing front.

Picture with outdoor background, unnatural pose, blur, and any accessories that hide your face should be avoided.


Is this picture showing the ‘real’ me?

After you take your picture, you may find some defects in the picture. You may want to retake it or edit it to make it look more presentable to the HR Managers and Recruiters.

Editing your CV picture is recommendable. However, too much editing may cause unwanted misunderstanding in the future. Some companies have voiced their surprised since the real candidate that comes for interview and picture that they provide in the CV looks very different. Therefore, you may want to edit your picture while keeping its professional and natural look to show the ‘real’ you.


What would the HR Managers and Recruiters think when they look at my CV Pictures?

After having your picture taken, try to put your picture into your CV and think on the HR Managers and Recruiters perspective. What do you think about your CV if you are the HR Managers and recruiters?

Take one good look at your overall CV and picture.

If you use digital picture instead of printed picture, you may check whether its size balances the overall look of your CV or not. You may also show your CV to your friend and family to gain feedback to improve your CV quality.

Once you are confident and satisfied with your CV quality, you may prepare yourself to send your CV to the company that you aim.

Believe it or not, HR Managers and Recruiters could sense your motivation by looking at your CV. Therefore, unless you are confident and satisfied with the CV that you produce, it is advisable not to send your CV yet.


If you would like to know further about how to create good CV and land your dream job, you may contact us and one of our consultant would be happy to assist you! :)


Best of Luck,

PT. Reeracoen Indonesia