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10 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

The most important part of any job interview is what you say. You can look your best, appear confident, and present your self clearly and concisely, but if what you're saying isn't right, you won't get the job. So, to help you make the best of an interview opportunity, here's what hiring managers look out for and identified the phrases you should avoid.

1. I'm really nervous

Telling an interviewer you're nervous seems like an excuse for a poor interview. and/or shows that you lack confidence (at least at that moment).

What To Say Instead : "I feel excited about this job"

2. Could you give me an overview and the company and your product?

Employers expect interviewees to have done their research on the job and company. Saying this will only drow attention to how unprepared you are.

What To Say Instead : "I've read the news about the release of the new product, and it made me wonder, how many teams were involved in the launch?"

3. I streamlined operations and optimized user experience by implementing a synergistic protocol for external client-facing events

Rather than using jargon, use concrete words (like designed, managed, created..) which are easier to picture and are more memorable.

What To Say Instead : "I designed a simple process for managing client events and created an online feedback form to help us see where we could improve"

4. It's on my resume

Refusing to repeat information on your resume will seem arrogant, lazy, or like you're not familiar with your own work experience.

What To Say Instead : "Sure, I'd be happy to tell you more about that"

5. How soon can I expect my first promotion?

This implies the job you're interviewing for isn't what you actually want and will likely leave the interviewer distrusting your commitment to the role, long-term.

What To Say Instead: "What do career paths within the company typically look like?"

6. I'll do whatever

Companies are usually looking for somebody who is passionate and willing to excel in a particular role, rather than someone who can "do whatever" decently.

What To Say Instead : "This role is exactly what I'm looking for"

7. I'm a fast learner

Saying you're a fast learner puts the burden on the employer to teach you, but mentioning that you've learned new skills on your own will demonstrate your motivation.

What To Say Instead : "I'm always looking to grow my knowledge in the field, so once a year, I take a course to stay up to date on best practices"

8. I work well independently as well as in a team

When asked about your strengths, you will need to provide more concrete examples rather than this general answer.

What To Say Instead : "In the last year, my team has exceeded all targets. This has lead me to receiving an 'excellent' in my last performance review"

9. I hated my last company

Bad mouthing your last workplace will make you seem overly negative and can be perceived as unprofessional.

What To Say Instead : "I learned a lot in my last job, but I'm looking for a company with a culture that fits me better"

10. No, I don't have any question for you

Not having any questions at the end of an interview might leave your interviewer with the impression that you're not very interested or curious.

What To Say Instead : "What is the biggest challenge the team is experiencing at this time?"

If you have a job interview coming up, it's important to know what to say and what not to say. Focusing on these confident, direct, and clear phrases will put you well ahead of the competition. After all, words are what matter the most in an interview. Make them count.


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